A Way of Life



I have always been massively into Buggies, Old VWs, Cool Trucks...

A bit of history and how we got started

About Me

I am Rob. As far as i can remember i was captured by the VW bug scene. I live with my family near Rutland Water. A super beautiful part of the UK.

I was lucky enough to grow up on my parents farm in North Norfolk, as a kid i was always making things. We had a spare warehouse so i invested in my first Buggy mould in 2002 and started glassing.

Since then, and with a heck of alot of practice we have been crafting and finishing A1 quality buggy kits. It really is a skilled art to get that perfect finish. Soon after our work started to win awards we started supply parts. A few years back we expanded the same production into Beetle body parts.

I take time with people, happy to give advice and tips. This business has grown out of great comments and recommendations from our customers.

I keep my personal facebook updated with various classical vehicles, shows, race events etc.

Photo credit: Tim Glover