Buggy Body Kits



Classic Manx


The Manx Dune Buggy body designed in 1964 is well known world wide as being the original and the best. The Classic is East Coast's tribute to the the Manx. Not many buggies lend themselves to every style of build as well as this, from classic off road, to lowered street, to full race buggy. The shape itself gives the buggy an enormous amount of strength.


Buggy bodies are hand made from only the highest quality glass fibre matting and resins, using two thick applications of gel coat followed by a 7 ounce lay-up of glass giving an overall thickness of 6mm. Race weight bodys are also available using a 5 ounce lay-up for a discounted price. All bodies are fitted with a pair of under body strengthening tubes running from front to rear on each side, tubes second as a handy housing for the wiring loom.


Bonnets ard Dashboards are supplied aleady joined together for ease of build and provide a strong mounting point for the Windscreen. All pieces of the Body kit come fully Flow Coated on the underside. Flow Coat is a satin finish gel coat which covers and protects the bare fibre glass, preventing glass splinters during build and is a great finish and easy to clean. Fitment for the standard beetle fuel tank can be found on the body, under the bonnet. Body tubs mount to the floor in much the same way as the beetle body which was removed, so the original bolts and washers may come in handy when building your buggy.